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Invite others to join this order from Ricos

Ordering with the same group as before? Want easy access to this order?
  • If you've created an online account, sign in to retrieve invitee lists from your previous orders or save a new group order into your account.
  • If you don't have an online account, you may want to create one before starting your group order.
  • Signing in is not required for creating a group order, but it allows you to save invitee lists for subsequent orders and provides easier access to the current order. Go to My Account to retrieve currently open group orders.
Invitation Details
  • Who would you like to invite?
    Enter the names and email addresses of people you would like to invite...
  • + Add more invitees
  • Deadline

How does this work?

Each person you invite will receive an emailed invitation to add to the order. The email will contain a link that will take the person to the restaurant menu where they can choose the items they want. Once they've added everything they want, they will click "Done" and the items will show up in this order.

You will receive an email with a link to the group order. This link will provide you access to the status of the group order. You will also be able to place the full order after you click the link.

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